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Alzheimer’s Disease

This is my favorite picture of my Mom – she was around 14. She would have been 82 in February.  She’s been gone for over 4 years. I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone to tell her something more »

My Transgression

When I slept with my ex-boyfriend just a few weeks after he’d moved out, I was thinking maybe we could be “friends with benefits”, really only because I have no desire at this time to start dating and, frankly, I more »

Sleeping with the Ex

    Well, the moving on process is going horribly.  I fucked up and I slept with him – once (ok, ok – twice).  I also had dinner with him another night………..and I’ve answered his calls and texts…. THIS isn’t more »

Moving On from a Breakup

    So how long does this process take exactly?  When will he no longer be at the forefront of my thoughts and dreams?  I hate it. I simply HATE it. I want someone to give me the exact steps that more »

The Breakup

I first and foremost want to apologize for my absence.  This has been one of the most difficult months of my life.   My heart is filled with absolute sadness. The man that I have loved (for many years) and more »

Chalk Board Paint Trays

I found the CUTEST chalk project on Pinterest recently.    It is a repurposed silver/metal tray painted with chalk paint. What you need to complete one of these projects is: – a silver/metal tray – chalk paint – printer (to more »

What Makes A Man?

    Recently I  came across the following article on my computer.  I must have saved it several years ago.  It resonates very deeply with me right now as I am going through some changes in my current relationship.  Although we more »

Loving An Addict

    So, you love an addict.  You think you can change them.  You whole heartedly believe that your “love” will make them want to change. You’re wrong. Let me tell you why ~ 1.  Their addiction will ALWAYS come more »