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The Joy of Grandparenting

    Todays LOL: My 6 year old grandson recently spent some time at my house with my 12 and 16 year olds listening to music – maybe not the best idea in retrospect. So he says to his mother, more »

Paris and Orlando

    This was originally written about the attacks on Paris in November of last year.  I’m so sad that there has been yet ANOTHER instance of hatred that has resulted in the loss of innocent lives. Being the mean mom that more »

Five Things to Do For Yourself

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, with the weekend on the way, you really need to take some time to indulge.  I wanted to post this as an example of something I do for myself and now that warm weather is finally here, more »

The XBox Debate

As a mother of two boys, I am beyond familiar with electronic devices.  I have found over the years that my boys become deeply engrossed in the games, spending hour upon hour playing.  They’ll even forego eating to continue playing more »

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Parent

Now that you’re a “seasoned” parent, how do you respond to the young, non-parent who makes the comment “MY child will never…..(fill in the blank)”? I’ve learned over the years that the best response is no response.  Those people will more »

What Are You Here To Do?

The following is one of my all-time favorite questions. WHAT are you here to do? I’ve always said I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I think I said it again last week……. How is more »


This recipe was SO much fun to make and turned out GREAT!  I made this to give as gifts.  Everyone absolutely loved it!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Print Yum Khalua Ingredients1 quart water 2 1⁄2 cups sugar 3 tablespoons instant coffee 1 tablespoon more »

5 Signs You’re Codependent

I first pondered the notion that I might have codependent tendencies when my oldest daughter was in the midst of her, shall we say, “rebellion”.  It  was not a good time in our lives, I was a complete wreck, I more »

Why I LOVE My Kindle Fire

So you’re looking for a new toy!  Let me direct you to the Kindle Fire HD 7. I absolutely love my Kindle Fire HD7.  It is my “go to” electronic device.  It travels everywhere with me – I mean EVERYWHERE. more »