About Daphnes Delights


Let me tell you a little about myself – I’m a single mother and grandmother ~ my kids, grandkids and furbabies are my life.  Family means everything to me.

I work full time; I’m finally pursuing my college degree (20 years later) and LOVING it; I’m also a mom to the most precious King Charles Cavalier – Daphne and Australian Shepherd – Khloe. I am a beginner at yoga and I love to cook, bake, craft and read.  So within these pages, you’ll find information and stories about kids, Cavaliers, yoga and food.

I commute 40 minutes each way to work and just began listening to audiobooks during my drive.  I can’t get enough of them.  The ones I’ve chosen are basically self-help and I’ve found them to be incredibly empowering.  Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Rhonda Byrne and Elizabeth Gilbert are some of my favorite authors.  If I didn’t listen to the audiobooks, I’d never have time to “read” anything except textbooks.

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Most of all, I’m a dreamer.  I try to find the best in every situation and with every relationship in my life – even the difficult ones.  I believe everyone is placed in your life to teach you something ~  some to teach you the bad stuff (like how NOT to be).  My life is a work in progress and each day is getting better and better!  I’d love for you to take that journey with me!

I hope within these pages you find something useful and meaningful to your life.

Peace and love!!!