Detox – Day 1

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In an effort to lose a few pounds and (much more importantly) feel better, I have decided to try the Dr. Oz Two Week Detox and I’m dragging one of my coworkers with me.

The decision, for me, to do this is based on the past few months that have been BEYOND stressful.

My body simply feels exhausted – no matter how much sleep I get.

What I haven’t shared with you is that I was recently bitten by my cat – little effer – on my index finger exactly two weeks ago today, which promptly swelled and became severly inflammed.  I was holding him, my dog and my friends dog barked at him and he completely came unglued.  With a claw stuck in my neck and blood dripping everywhere, I threw him outside.

Two hours later, because my finger and hand were swelling at an alarming rate, I ended up at Urgent Care.  Apparently, cats mouths are dirtier than dogs or humans – I think I’d heard that somewhere before but never thought much about it – until that exact moment.  Sigh.  OF COURSE they are…………….Just my luck.

At Urgent Care I had to fill out a “Bite Report” (probably not really the official form title) for the county.  One of the line items was “Describe how the incident happened”.

My response: “the cat is an asshole”.  I don’t know if they thought it was funny but he really IS an asshole.  I wasn’t antagonizing him, he just went nuts.

Since I’m allergic to every antibiotic under the sun, the doctor prescribed me two antibiotics for a total of five doses a day for 10 days.  I prayed the entire time that I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction.  Thankfully, I didn’t.

So ten days of antibiotics which made me feel ill and I couldn’t drink alcohol with them or I’d vomit, all day everyday spent icing my finger and two more doctor visits – one to my GP and one to a hand specialist – and my finger was looking pretty good.

Then the Health Department called me.  They wanted to see the cat.  Well, THAT was problematic since the cat hadn’t returned.  I think the little effer knew I was NOT happy with him.

As I explained all of this to the woman from the Health Dept, she informs me that even though the cat had all of his vaccinations, because he hadn’t been quarantined and we didn’t know where he was, I’d have to begin a series of rabies shots.

I laid my forehead on my desk, still on the phone with her.


Soooo, we searched for the cat.  He was no where to be found, none of the neighbors had seen him and I was now screwed.

Off to the ER a few days later to begin the shots.  Three in my injured finger and five in various other places, for a grand total of 8 shots.  My finger reswelled and my body literally sighed.

Here’s the 15 day list:

  ~  cat bite to the finger and handcat scratches to the face,          neck and side

  ~  10 days of antibiotics and anti-inflamitory medication – side effects of which were nausea and no alcohol

  ~ icing, icing, icing

  ~ 3 gamma globulin shots in the bites on my finger

  ~ 5 rabies shots in various other places

The day after the shots, the cat came home.

I can not stress this enough –  the cat is an asshole.

My body needs a break.  I need rest and I need good nourishing fuel for it.  Hence, I’m turning to the Dr. Oz Diet.

Basically, you cut out dairy, sugar and gluten and just eat whole foods – nothing processed.  I have done it once before and I felt fabulous.  My skin was clearer, my eyes were less puffy under them and I had so much more energy.

Here’s hoping it works this time.

I’m including the link to the diet in case you want to check it out.

Wish me luck – I’ll keep you posted!!

Peace & love!

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